"Reading The Question of Bruno is a remarkable experience. The ferocious originality of Hemon's work sent an electric jolt through me. That physical sensation is similar to what I experienced the first time I heard Monk or Ornette or viewed Schwitters or Cornell or read Rushdie's Midnight's Children or Auster's Invention of Solitude. Three of the stories in this book are among the best I have ever read; 'The Life and Work of Alphonse Kauders,' 'The Sorge Spy Ring,' and 'Blind Jozef Pronek & Dead Souls' are overwhelming works. If the promise and potential of The Question of Bruno is fulfilled, I believe it introduces to the world a writer who will become known as one of the great artists of the 21st century."
   Paul Yamazaki
   City Lights Booksellers, San Francisco

"In a single book of stories--and a debut book, at that--Aleksandar Hemon takes readers places novels many times its size don't venture anywhere near. The Question of Bruno is a moving, haunting, and always compelling collection of stories that makes what has happened in Bosnia these past years so telling as the world gropes its way through this time--senses of distance and presence, here and there, life and death, past and present, beginnings and endings all askew. This extraordinary book distills this dis-ease, gives eloquent voice to the beauty and persistence of the human and the necessary amidst the forces working on and against us all."
   Rick Simonson
   Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle

"The Question of Bruno is a remarkable debut. Equal parts history, autobiography, and cultural analysis, these short stories are delivered in a voice so moving, so accomplished that it's hard to believe their author, Aleksandar Hemon, only recently learned English. I now understand how earlier booksellers felt when they discovered the first English-language offerings of Conrad and Nabokov; I can't wait to hand-sell The Question of Bruno to my customers."
   Mitchell Kaplan
   Books & Books, Miami

"To come upon such a profoundly affecting book that is also so extraordinarily rich in language and unique in style is a bookseller's dream and a reader's delight! Hemon turns our concepts of what is fact and what is fiction inside out, and shows us furthermore, that as far as truth is concerned, the difference between the two is irrelevant. This is the perfect recommendation for customers looking for something original and intelligent, both in style and substance."
   Helene Golay
   The Corner Bookstore and
   The Lenox Hill Bookstore, New York City